Level Reward
2 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
5 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
10 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
15 Box Icon.png Special Cloak Gift Bag! 7x
20 Box Icon.png Baby Chicken Pickup Pet
20 Box Icon.png Aero Board
25 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
30 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
35 Box Icon.png FUN Card
40 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
45 Box Icon.png Blue Balloons (2 Days)
50 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
55 Box Icon.png Restat
60 Box Icon.png Raizei's Guardian Chest of Phat Lewt 10x (contents tradable)
70 Box Icon.png Azria Ticket (15 Days)
75 Box Icon.png Full Shout (30 Days)
125H Box Icon.png St. Patrick's Day Cloak (bound)
127H Box Icon.png Cloak of Bravery (bound)
129H Box Icon.png Dignity Fashion Set (bound)
130H Box Icon.png Re-Skill (bound)
130H Box Icon.png Traseia Ticket (7 days)
135H Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 6x
136H Box Icon.png Blessed Cloak of the Light (bound)
139H Box Icon.png Dragon Mask (bound)
All level up rewards are untradable except the contents of the level 60 box.
Job Name Level Playtime
lDEFENDERl1391230 hours
SheHulk1382409 hours
MiyazakiAoi1302220 hours
IamGod1301703 hours
Zack1221211 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
lxaRsEnaLxl1393514 hours
LiezL1394487 hours
Whisperz1302058 hours
Annay1293899 hours
Kyujin1291893 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Kingsize1374035 hours
Zuzutto1364385 hours
XtianHuntzGrey1365634 hours
JesusChrist0071301376 hours
NooLamlukka1294714 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Mania1395982 hours
iDanielle1362715 hours
Tigrevurmud1362419 hours
iMerry1301405 hours
Daniella121120 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
xlBluePhant0m1312370 hours
MsPerigrine1305719 hours
Nazuna130771 hours
TheFox1302551 hours
llClarisll1302054 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Hyrax1395296 hours
DavieBryzon1393459 hours
TheHulk1396229 hours
Harvy1394687 hours
Moogly1395677 hours
Inspired1384069 hours
KantoTerrorista1363835 hours
ROG7i1361970 hours
MarKazama1303134 hours
Schwengel1301722 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
HarLeylQuinn1363118 hours
Zarina1301388 hours
Wilhelmina1302861 hours
SpicedLatte1301235 hours
iMaria1211714 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Elegance1394411 hours
HAMBOG1372593 hours
Wh1teSw4n134481 hours
Valtaur1302224 hours
Salem130917 hours

Melted Snow Dad Event!

December 8, 2018, 6:06 p.m.

Happy Holidays FlyFFers!

Help Danny the Snowboy find the items needed to rebuild his Dad. Collect the following items (1x Top Hat, 1x Carrot Nose, 1x Scarf, 1x Mittens, 1x Coal Eyes and 1x Snowballs) from any Masquerpet level 15+ and bring them to Danny. He will reward you with an unreleased buff pet!

All parts needed are bound and cannot be traded. The buff pet reward is tradeable.

Login Event!

December 2, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Greetings Flyffers!

We've mistakenly gave away permanent wings instead of 3-day wings during our past login-event. In case you missed it, you can score these free stuff again!

This event is very simple. All you need to do is to stay logged-in for at least an hour to receive the gift assigned on that day. Be sure to take note of the dates! Login event works on Channel 1 only!

Gifts are only sent once per day even if you stay logged-in for more than an hour or the whole day. All rewards are bound.

Cheer Event!

November 22 2018
Greetings FlyFFers,

It's time to share the love, shout for joy and exchange cheers as we await Christmas! Cheering your friends give them 3x EXP rate! You get a cheer point every hour logged in.

Event Duration: November 25 - December 31 2018

Milestone Share Event!

October 19, 2018

Greetings Flyffers!

Thank you for supporting Flyff Iblis! Our Facebook Ads campaign video has reached 2million views this already but we still need your help.



Follow the steps properly to get a free "Event Gift Box". If you tag at least 8 people on your post, you will get another free "Event Gift Box". Total of two giftboxes! Just make sure to set your post to "public".

Each box contains 10x Scroll of Amplification ES (S), 15x Upcut Stones, 10x Vital X, 10x Refresher Holds. The box and its contents are non-tradeable. Event runs for two weeks. A character can only be rewarded once (twice if you tag at least 8 friends). Also, each facebook account can only be used once for sharing. The facebook account should have atleast 150 friends to avoid dummies or event abuse.

If we reach 2.1 million views on the video before the month of November ends, we are throwing in a month-long 3x DROP Event! What are you waiting for? Share the video now to your friends and family!

Mocomochi Event!

October 14 2018
Greetings FlyFFers,

Cute Mocomochis will spawn randomly on both channels. The rare masquerpet might drop Couple Rings, Fireworks and Clown God Hats!

Event Duration: October 14 - October 31

Important Updates

October 3 2018
Greetings FlyFFers,

After a day of testing with various Masquerpets, there was a noticeable increase of Green/Set item drops after reducing the drop rate of Blue/Normal items. Blue/Normal item drop rate reduced to 1x and Green/Set item remains 2x.

Greetings FlyFFers,

Click the image below to access our FT1 page!
A new breed of PvP experience is finally here! Upgrade your weapons, refine your armors, gather your accessories! Wait, you heard that wrong! No need to do that because this competition is all about skill, formation, and strategy! All equalized gear, consumables, and level! Does your guild have what it takes? Click here to visit the tournament page.

Rock Paper Scissors + Extended EXP event!

September 14 2018, 6:05 p.m.

Greetings FlyFFers,

For those of you who are looking for that extra oomph to reach 3rd job or max level, here you go! We are extending the Septembrrr 3x EXP modifications until the end of September. Pure leveling goodness!

For a month, the "Naughty Demian" will be challenging you for a game. Win rock-paper-scissors consecutively and you will get some nifty rewards:
  • Win once and you'll be rewarded with 9 Mysterious Pills .
  • Win twice in a row and you'll be rewarded with 5 Event Moonstones(bound) .
  • Win 3 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with 8 Event Sunstones(bound) .
  • Win 4 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with a Scroll of Party EXP(7-days) .
  • Win 5 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with 2 Scrolls of Amplification ES (S) .
  • Win 6 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with 6 Scrolls of Reversion .
  • Win 7 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with 3 Blessings of the Goddess(bound) .
  • Win 8 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with a Kuma Buff Pet.
  • Win 9 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with a Model TR-ex flight item.
  • Win 10 times in a row and you'll be rewarded with a Kuma Cloak .

The catch? Well, you need to hunt for Pumpkins which are dropped by all Masquerpets level 15 and above. Trade 5 Pumpkins and 100,000 Penya for a Coupon from the "Mayor of Flarine".

This mischievous munchkin won't give you the time of day unless you bring him a Rock Paper Scissors Coupon !

Septembrrr... 3x EXP Event!

August 29 2018, 8:01 p.m.

Greetings everyone and welcome the month of September! Experience multiplier will be increased from 2x to 3x for 2 weeks from the 1st to the 14th of September!

You're reading that right Flyffer. Take advantage of it now, the leveling is going to be swift. It's time for grinding and the break affords you all ample time to do so!

Tournament High II

August 25, 2018, 1:27 p.m.

Already applied? Check if you see your name on the list at flyff-iblis.com/tournament2. List will be updated every 2-3 days.

Attention people of Madrigal! The Flyff Iblis Dueling Tournament is coming again!

We call upon the strongest challengers for a competition, come together the greatest warriors of all eight different superior classes. The tournament will establish the supreme warrior in each of these eight crafts. The winners will be rewarded gratefully!


- The event will be held inside a secluded dungeon on Channel 1.
- This will be a single-elimination type tournament with 1 round, and best of 3 rounds for each job's finals: Winners will progress to the next round and losers are eliminated.
- Only levels 100 and above can join. Hero, Master levels can join as long as level is 100 or above.
- There will be 1 winner per class/job. *There will only be 1 winner for Billposters, and Forcemasters because they belong on the same class.
- Participants who are offline during the event will be disqualified. Short grace period will be given and toons who are both online will be prioritized first to duel.
- You may only enter one character per class into the tournament. *You cannot join another Billposter that you own if you already applied a Forcemaster.
- Players who are caught joining multiple characters of the same class will be permanently banned.


- Schedule for Blades/Slayer/Knights/Templars, Jesters/Harlequins/Rangers/Crackshooters starts on Saturday September 15 8PM GMT+8 (immediately after low level siege)
- Schedule for Ringmasters/Seraphs/Billposters/Forcemasters, Psykeepers/Mentalist/Elementors/Arcanists starts on Sunday September 16 8PM GMT+8 (immediately after siege)
- If you are unsure about the timezone time. Check out Time Converter to see what time will the event be on your location. Add a city for example China Beijing(GMT/UTC+8) September 15 8PM and then add your city/location.


- 8 winners of a clean 125 set of their class/job (this set parts can also be hunted from Kheldor Boss).
- Never released "Soul Dancer" Pick-Up Pet


- Using cosumables that restores HP (Health Points) is not allowed. Fail to comply will result to disqualification.
- No complaining about gear, level, and use of consumable/buff item advantage.
- Only toons of the same class or job can compete against each other. Ex. Knight vs Knight or Knight vs Templar
- Disconnections or crashes will disqualify you unless it is found to be a server issue.
- All Premium Shop items will be allowed except consumables that replenish HP (Health Points).
- Hopping on board or broom will disqualify you.
- The only buffs allowed are whatever self-buffs you can cast directly on yourself, and whatever buffing consumables you decide to use.
- If a player who is not currently competing heals or buffs a player who is, the player who casted will be penalized.
- You may only enter one character per class into the tournament. Which means you can enter as many entries as you can as long as they are different jobs. ex. *You cannot join another Billposter that you own if you already applied a Forcemaster.
- Players who disrupt the dueling or approach the dueling ground or area will be penalized.
- Ringmasters/Billposters/Seraphs/Forcemasters will be allowed to perform self-heal abilities, such as casting the Heal spell, or using their Prevention skill.
- Scroll of Reduction can be used.

How to join:

- Sign-ups will open up on the 25th of August.
- Up to a maximum of 20 FlyFF characters per job slots will be filled. Limit: 1 character per account.
- You may only enter one character per class into the tournament. ex. *You cannot join another Billposter that you own if you already applied a Forcemaster.
- Only the first few characters who meet the level requirements and those who send an email in the proper format will be accepted.
- Emails that do not follow the email subject, email body, email format, spacing, spelling and text case will be rejected.

Send an email to flyffiblisv15@gmail.com by using the format below:

Email Subject:

TuoRamenT HigH II ApplikaaYshun

Email Body:

Dear Iblis, I grasp the concept of war, fame and glory. I demand entry into your tournament!

Account Username:
Character Name:

Premium Box Drop Event

August 19, 2018, 10:50 p.m.

Greetings Flyffers! We are bringing you Premium Box Drop Event.

For the next two weeks, Premium Boxes will be dropping off of any regular masquerpet level 15 and above!

These are some unusual boxes so enjoy farming them!

Premium Boxes can contain one of the following:
Vital Drink X, Refresher Hold, Upcut Stone (Event), Activition, Bull Hamstern

[Event] Game Guide Creation

July 22, 2018, 6:31 p.m.

Greetings Flyffers!

- First, register on our forums at http://forums.flyff-iblis.net

Create any tutorial about the game so we can help new players. You can compose leveling, build, quest guides, or any tutorial beneficial to new players.

-Post your thread at "Game Guides & Tutorials" category located at http://forums.flyff-iblis.net/categories/game-guides-tutorials


- You should not copy or plagiarize existing guides scattered on the internet.
- If someone already posted a "leveling guide", you can still post another "leveling guide" for we will chose the best.
- You should compose your guides in English only.
- Criteria for getting winners: Uniqueness, detail and presentation.
- You can post multiple guides but you can only win once.
- We will chose 10-15 winners of 450 EPoints each.
- Event ends August 22

Login Event!

July 13, 2018, 10:31 p.m.

Greetings Flyffers!

Enjoy a Login Event to score some free stuff!

This event is very simple. All you need to do is to stay logged-in for at least an hour to receive the gift assigned on that day. The log-in event is good until July 22nd so be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts! (Channel 1 only)

Gifts are sent once per day even if you stay logged-in for more than an hour or the whole day. All rewards are bound.

Cute Invasion Event!!

June 24, 2018, 11: a.m.

Greetings FlyFFers!

As the seasons shift, Masquerpets appear! They are cute and they will invade Madrigal. Defend the towns from these critters. Starting June 24, cute monsters will appear and they drop some useful loot! Event runs for an undetermined duration. The rarest items you could get are "Scroll of Pet Revival (S Class)", "Chance of the Pet Tamer" and "Gold Package"!
On May 19 6AM GMT/UTC +8, the server will be inaccessible for an undetermined number of hours to give way for v16 transition.

All accounts, characters, items and EPoints will still be intact.


    3rd Job Evolution (Third Job Classes)
  • Characters who reach level 130 can complete their respective third job evolution
  • Single-path evolutions for each of the eight second jobs introduce new skills and equipment.
    New leveling map accessible with Traseia Ticket traseia-flyff-iblis
  • Mobs: lvl 116-127 Boss: "Guan Yu Heavyblade"
    New Zone "Kaillun" from north of "Valley of Risen" with a safe-zone city "Eillun" eillun-flyff-iblis

  • Mobs: 129-134 Boss: "Chief Keokuk"
    New Instance Ankou's Asylum ankou-flyff-iblis
  • New instanced dungeon comes with tremendously powerful masquerpets and a super boss (God of Death) Ankou
  • Ankou drops Baruna Equipments
    New Weapons & Shields
  • These are all Baruna-Classed weapons
  • Skill Shields
  • Risen's Armory
  • Muran Shields and Weapons
    Boss Drops:
  • Drakul, Kheldor, Ankou, Khan, Khan[M] drops Berk Runes
  • GuanYu Heavy Blade at Traseia drops accesories, gems.
  • Chief Keokuk at Kaillun drops Stone of Balance, Crystal of Order.
  • Razgul now drops "Grimore of the Risen" for Mentalists and "The Doom Guard" for Templars (both Baruna shields)
  • Kheldor now drops "Vorpal Blade" and "Demonic Eye" for Force Masters and Templars (both Baruna weapons)
  • Kheldor now drops 125 set parts with a higher chance
  • New Boss Ankou drops Baruna Weapons (lvl 135 for 3rd jobs), Stone of Balance, Crystal of Order
  • 1-hit Runes disabled, Echoes of Weary skill disabled
    General Changes:
  • Lykanos, Drakul, Kheldor, Aminus mobs, Catacomb mobs nerfed a bit
  • Tower floor 1-5 and other instance dugeon navigator map now visible
  • Pet movement speed increased and removed collision
  • Instance Monster Aggro System
  • Max toon level increased to 139H
  • 14 Buff count limit removed
  • New Items on Vote Shop, Penya Sink, and EP Shop
  • Login wait time from 15s to 6s on invalid attempt
  • Aminus Jewelry Box can be opened
  • Remantis cooldown set to 5s
  • Channel 2 temporarily removed
  • Removed blue name reward for Max Level
  • Added level 130-139 Level Up Rewards
  • rewards-flyff-iblis

v16 Launch Event! (May 19 - 25)

Greetings Flyffers! It's been a long time and version 16 "Rise of Muran" has arrived! Grab your gear, prep up, and get ready to defend Madrigal once again on an epic proportion!

Attack Booster +300

To help all players to get started, everyone in game will get a global +300 bonus ATK. This little blessing from Rhisis herself should help you all out with leveling on the new maps. The attack bonus will be unnoticeable on the character info window and it has no buff icon like a global passive buff.

Week-long uninterrupted 2.5x EXP Event!

Experience multiplier will be increased from normal 2x to 2.5 for 1 week!