Level Reward
2 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
5 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
10 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
15 Box Icon.png Special Cloak Gift Bag! 7x
20 Box Icon.png Baby Chicken Pickup Pet
20 Box Icon.png Aero Board
25 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
30 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
35 Box Icon.png FUN Card
40 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
45 Box Icon.png Blue Balloons (2 Days)
50 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
55 Box Icon.png Restat
60 Box Icon.png Raizei's Guardian Chest of Phat Lewt 10x (contents tradable)
70 Box Icon.png Azria Ticket (15 Days)
75 Box Icon.png Full Shout (30 Days)
119 Box Icon.png Traseia Ticket (7 days)
125H Box Icon.png St. Patrick's Day Cloak (bound)
127H Box Icon.png Cloak of Bravery (bound)
129H Box Icon.png Dignity Fashion Set (bound)
130H Box Icon.png Re-Skill (bound)
135H Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 6x
136H Box Icon.png Blessed Cloak of the Light (bound)
139H Box Icon.png Dragon Mask (bound)
All level up rewards are untradable except the contents of the level 60 box.
Job Name Level Playtime
kaltok1392108 hours
SayEverything139163 hours
LineBreaker1392407 hours
BabySharks1393606 hours
Yuli1398385 hours
lDEFENDERl1391740 hours
Rameniac1393747 hours
Phosphorescent1391222 hours
PMsent1391605 hours
Zeeeee1391826 hours
SheHulk1398460 hours
phytongil1393536 hours
msmhie1394128 hours
Enzou139786 hours
Sabyr1391130 hours
Aberforth139684 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
DavieBryzon1394103 hours
LiezL1396264 hours
NataliaRomanova1397642 hours
Akoh1391261 hours
FaintLess1394219 hours
Baade136980 hours
CelestialGlaive136729 hours
LORDjam1363603 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Bacchus1399835 hours
Standard139659 hours
Kingsize1395958 hours
Faultless1372433 hours
XtianHuntzGrey1365948 hours
Myst1361279 hours
TheiKoz1362891 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Flawless1393406 hours
Chenkov139522 hours
Cheerful139470 hours
TheHawkeye1396343 hours
Buriza1393383 hours
lRen139891 hours
Ajax1394083 hours
Mania1398560 hours
iMerry1392872 hours
Otsukaresama1361490 hours
x69Karma1363548 hours
Coike136696 hours
LumpiangShanghai1361437 hours
Aliyah136665 hours
Daniella136846 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Wakeless1396027 hours
Elixir13910231 hours
FRISKY1393109 hours
DahyunKim1396462 hours
maya0031393117 hours
CelesTe1393393 hours
mCk0oLitz136512 hours
Mink1362042 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Rinnegan13912204 hours
PussssyDestroyer1399633 hours
Alakazam1394247 hours
TheHulk1399042 hours
Lamon1393627 hours
JanWick1396928 hours
ChouSoran1395781 hours
Finisher1395459 hours
Inspired1399127 hours
B3l750413910764 hours
Jomic1399539 hours
Kouichi1394755 hours
TetsudoHisakawa1396223 hours
KenZedd1391768 hours
Codeine1395360 hours
Viona1392877 hours
Moogly1396848 hours
MarBKazama1395932 hours
PETICZ139772 hours
HADES1395108 hours
PrettyFlacko1381046 hours
Simoun1383099 hours
Tactless1373041 hours
Continental1362407 hours
Aldouh1361174 hours
PATrolmanChano1365482 hours
MarKazama1365879 hours
SweetChocolates1363062 hours
JORELLE1364638 hours
GlenSchreiber1362517 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Wiccan1394951 hours
Wilhelmina1394411 hours
Arius1396107 hours
Effortless1361973 hours
HarLeylQuinn1364344 hours
Skoosh136740 hours
Circa136287 hours
Zanna136724 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Negan1398729 hours
OutRage181391301 hours
Wh1teSw4n1391134 hours
Supra1393525 hours
Gilthunder1392782 hours
KaitoKidKuroba1393304 hours
Maelstrom1395040 hours
HAMBOG1373534 hours
Harith1372711 hours
ARCANiSTx1361070 hours
Sleepless1362930 hours

Policy and Terms for Buying EPoints in Flyff Iblis.

  • Buying Epoints is final, non-refundable, and non-resellable.
  • We don't process EP if you use fraud Paypal, Credit Cards
  • All transaction information that you provide will be strictly confidential.
  • Purchasing Epoints is voluntary. No one is required to buy in order to play game.
  • Paypal chargeback results to permanent ban. Cancellation of remittance after the Epoints was credited to the game account results to permanent ban.
  • By clicking "Buy Now" button or sending remittance means you are accepting the policy rules.
  • EPoints are digital goods. No physical goods will be shipped nor will you be given proof of shipment. By making a purchase, you are authorizing this transaction and agreeing to our Policy and Terms

Terms of Service / Rules

If you violate any of these Terms, we may immediately ban your Account(s) including main Accounts. You acknowledge and agree that Flyff Iblis may ban your Account(s) at any time for any reason or no reason in its sole and absolute discretion. Moreover, if Flyff Iblis terminates your Account because of your breach of these Terms, Flyff Iblis shall have no liability or responsibility to you or any third party.

  • Rule 1: Inappropriate Behavior: Avoid being toxic. Do not spam chat. Do not harass, insult. Respect everyone you encounter inside and outside the game. Trashtalk is allowed as long as its not related to "race, religion, ability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity."

  • Rule 2: Hacking/Exploitation/Automation: You should not abuse or exploit any bugs within the game, or website. Doing so will result in a permanent ban, regardless of circumstance. Use of automation or bots are not allowed.
    • If you happen to discover a bug or exploit you must report it immediately by messaging an active admin at the Discord section. You will be greatly rewarded depending on severity of report.

  • Rule 3: Scamming: You should not try to scam other players to gain account access, currency, goods or services through any means. Results to a permanent or temporary ban depending on severity. Players who scam involving EPoints transfer get permanent ban.

  • Rule 4: About Real Money Trading: RMT or Real Money Trading is prohibited and is not allowed! No one in any means should sell, buy, trade virtual items/currency for real life money. Transactions involving only of Penya, Virtual Items, EPoints are allowed. If you are opening a shop, indicate if you are selling in EP or penya only. Posting on our Discord and Facebook group that is under Flyff Iblis administration is also prohibited. Results to a perma-ban.

  • Only the Admin can serve as a middleman when trading accounts or items with Epoints.

  • Rule 5: Account/Item Sharing: You should be responsible for your own account and items' safety. Giving others your account information or willingly giving them your items for any reason (lending, account pilot, etc) is your own choice and the consequences that come with it will be from your own doing. In the case of a shared account, the account will be banned. The account holder furthermore loses any claim to support from us.

  • Rule 6: GM Impersonation: Players should not attempt to disguise as a GM or Admin. Results to a perma-ban.

  • Rule 7: Spread of False Information: Players should not spread false information about the game. Results to a perma-ban on second offense.

  • Rule 10: Loot Stealing using Pets: This means that if you are standing around or following a player with a pet out, intentionally looting other players items. Results to a perma-ban on second offense.

  • Rule 11: False Reporting/Scamming GM: Any attempt to fool a GM by providing false information about lost items, providing fake screenshots/reports just to get items results to a permanent ban on first offense. Also, those who falsely report other players falls under this rule.

  • Rule 14: Exploiting lured mobs: If someone AOEs then dies to mobs or hits the mobs you collected and then logs out to spread the monsters, that is harassment because it exploits monster behavior. Also, you should not AOE collected lures of other parties. Any action or method that exploits monster behavior specially of other's lure is not allowed.

    To report, capture a screenshot using '0' key during AoE skill animation of the killstealer. All captures will be saved on the Capture folder inside Flyff folder. You can also message an admin so he can spectate violators.

  • Rule 17: Tank Services and Party Buying: We allow "Tanking Services" but any scam reports regarding tank services and party buying will be ignored.

  • Rule 18: English Policy: All players who do not /shout in English will be muted temporarily.

  • Rule 19: Dummy Guild Registration: Registering dummy guilds on guild siege to boost chip reward calculation is not allowed. Only register your main, support guilds. Applies to both main and 1v1 siege.