Level Reward
2 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
5 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
10 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
15 Box Icon.png Special Cloak Gift Bag! 7x
20 Box Icon.png Baby Chicken Pickup Pet
20 Box Icon.png Aero Board
25 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
30 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
35 Box Icon.png FUN Card
40 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
45 Box Icon.png Blue Balloons (2 Days)
50 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
55 Box Icon.png Restat
60 Box Icon.png Raizei's Guardian Chest of Phat Lewt 10x (contents tradable)
70 Box Icon.png Azria Ticket (15 Days)
75 Box Icon.png Full Shout (30 Days)
119 Box Icon.png Traseia Ticket (7 days)
125H Box Icon.png St. Patrick's Day Cloak (bound)
127H Box Icon.png Cloak of Bravery (bound)
129H Box Icon.png Dignity Fashion Set (bound)
130H Box Icon.png Re-Skill (bound)
135H Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 6x
136H Box Icon.png Blessed Cloak of the Light (bound)
139H Box Icon.png Dragon Mask (bound)
All level up rewards are untradable except the contents of the level 60 box.
Job Name Level Playtime
XYLO1393752 hours
NineLives1393735 hours
SPOOKSSSS1394826 hours
BabySharks1394249 hours
Finn1394913 hours
Ryleih13911618 hours
Rameniac1395483 hours
SheHulk1399085 hours
HaruGlory1393503 hours
Selyse139776 hours
HeavensKnight1392532 hours
KOWL1393217 hours
nyengthetanker1391405 hours
Motionless1392952 hours
ruanruan1391955 hours
Enzou1391715 hours
lkaTashimal1393156 hours
lDEFENDERl1392732 hours
AngelOfChaos1392240 hours
MissTokyo1396045 hours
ValkyrieLeona139851 hours
msmhie1399442 hours
kaltok1396073 hours
Tough1393422 hours
phytongil1394322 hours
Dragunnov1396652 hours
PMsent1391723 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
OutCare1131399618 hours
sOuljacK1394175 hours
DavieBryzon1394363 hours
Perfecta1395530 hours
DoubleDecker1391559 hours
Furyx1391299 hours
DolceAmore13910565 hours
CelestialGlaive1391180 hours
LiezL1397778 hours
Silme1394721 hours
Whisperz1392172 hours
Chillz1391536 hours
Akoh1391415 hours
Kriemhild139543 hours
Baade136980 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
VinBon1393880 hours
Smoj13911961 hours
Bunny1394302 hours
Kingsize1398168 hours
Latias1398603 hours
Netherdrake1394511 hours
Faultless1374836 hours
XtianHuntzGrey1366167 hours
Unloved1362306 hours
Nodert136477 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Adira1397305 hours
Citrix1393857 hours
LumpiangShanghai1391705 hours
MrStark1395259 hours
Coike1393236 hours
Yang139396 hours
Buriza1395352 hours
Tsawei1394250 hours
BurstClaw1391354 hours
Mania13910874 hours
SPOOKS1391138 hours
Caffiene1391304 hours
kehylers1399506 hours
Chenkov1393646 hours
kehlyers1396749 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Wakeless13910326 hours
Loveless1394685 hours
SinugbangIsda1394255 hours
Mocomochi1394623 hours
maya0031393747 hours
UMakeMeSmile1392193 hours
Elixir13912151 hours
Arika1391425 hours
SerapHxMasK1393627 hours
DahyunKim1396833 hours
Viva1392694 hours
lKagura1393382 hours
Cruella1395757 hours
FRISKY1394058 hours
KeiShirogane1395637 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Bryzu13911826 hours
StartUp1394916 hours
Lamon1395791 hours
Tipin139537 hours
Scylla1395336 hours
FrostEyes1394060 hours
Loved1394794 hours
llWINTERll139332 hours
IsaacNetero1392399 hours
Ulfsaar13910376 hours
OutRageous1393721 hours
iLeeMinHo1392641 hours
Nort1393148 hours
DNNJN1394657 hours
MarKazama1397547 hours
OffWhitee1398805 hours
TheLastOne1393433 hours
Cron1x13911937 hours
ErosS1397016 hours
Selphie139808 hours
TheFirstOne1391509 hours
xKen018x13912993 hours
JimmyNeutron1396896 hours
Xraleon1393690 hours
Tactless1395210 hours
Koloberd1395236 hours
Aldouh1395120 hours
BadInfluence1394410 hours
MarBKazama1397245 hours
Chronepsis139736 hours
ModoBestia1392267 hours
ChouSoran1397667 hours
Rinnegan13913715 hours
RespondeMo1394434 hours
Karev1394326 hours
VirusDetected1391842 hours
MagKazama1397339 hours
TheFlaxH1399708 hours
Vaccine13910983 hours
xXllSHANKSllXx1391502 hours
Tien1394604 hours
Pingu1395113 hours
Aicaaa1393704 hours
Yatoro1396414 hours
ziaaa1395222 hours
Codeine13914915 hours
ocrezneD1397118 hours
Sylas1398224 hours
Hyrax1395876 hours
kehleyrz1391852 hours
Sargo1391408 hours
Magikarp138740 hours
SaySomething1384146 hours
Gran137485 hours
Naichi136293 hours
DoneForNothing1361262 hours
IvesBP1361507 hours
SweetChocolates1365069 hours
NintendoSwitch1361694 hours
MaxxLure1364954 hours
JORELLE1367053 hours
iDontGiveBuffs136804 hours
DeltoiD1362027 hours
TheNewOne1367337 hours
SkrtTV1362388 hours
BI0GESIC136824 hours
Astr01361604 hours
GlenSchreiber1364841 hours
Biceps1362278 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
HAYL3Y1396538 hours
Ultimecia1394754 hours
Ereiza1392178 hours
Ekell139359 hours
Wilhelmina1395498 hours
d0shii139873 hours
Arius13915192 hours
msTiza1384290 hours
Skoosh1361338 hours
Circa136933 hours
Effortless1363656 hours
MaDaPaKaSaNa1362912 hours
Zanna1362839 hours
HarLeylQuinn1364500 hours
VictorMagtanggol1361229 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
OutRage181396483 hours
Negan13910011 hours
Bonez1393250 hours
SaintMary1394118 hours
Flamel1396226 hours
Donnerwetter1392104 hours
KaitoKidKuroba1395072 hours
Grahamz1392558 hours
HAMBOG1374145 hours
Harith1373097 hours
ARCANiSTx1361294 hours
Sleepless1364720 hours

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