Level Reward
2 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
5 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
10 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
15 Box Icon.png Special Cloak Gift Bag! 7x
20 Box Icon.png Baby Chicken Pickup Pet
20 Box Icon.png Aero Board
25 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
30 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
35 Box Icon.png FUN Card
40 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
45 Box Icon.png Blue Balloons (2 Days)
50 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
55 Box Icon.png Restat
60 Box Icon.png Raizei's Guardian Chest of Phat Lewt 10x (contents tradable)
70 Box Icon.png Azria Ticket (15 Days)
75 Box Icon.png Full Shout (30 Days)
125H Box Icon.png St. Patrick's Day Cloak (bound)
127H Box Icon.png Cloak of Bravery (bound)
129H Box Icon.png Dignity Fashion Set (bound)
130H Box Icon.png Re-Skill (bound)
130H Box Icon.png Traseia Ticket (7 days)
135H Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 6x
136H Box Icon.png Blessed Cloak of the Light (bound)
139H Box Icon.png Dragon Mask (bound)
All level up rewards are untradable except the contents of the level 60 box.
Job Name Level Playtime
SheHulk1394003 hours
lDEFENDERl1391413 hours
MiyazakiAoi1302269 hours
Zack1301387 hours
msmhie1301691 hours
XxXDragonTankXxX1301176 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
LiezL1395122 hours
lxaRsEnaLxl1393733 hours
DylanJames136279 hours
Cannabivore1344205 hours
SoojinSeo1304475 hours
Whisperz1302059 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Kingsize1374334 hours
Zuzutto1365440 hours
XtianHuntzGrey1365684 hours
JesusChrist0071301527 hours
Jomaii1303687 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Mania1396519 hours
Salem1363708 hours
iMerry1361723 hours
Tigrevurmud1362439 hours
TzuyuChou1361072 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
DahyunKim1395624 hours
Elixir1384620 hours
CelesTe1331264 hours
xlBluePhant0m1313671 hours
Tijm1302328 hours
Cloned1303145 hours
MiaXKhalifa1305926 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Harvy1397570 hours
Inspired1394835 hours
TheHulk1396675 hours
lDESTROYERl1394068 hours
Hyrax1395768 hours
Moogly1395894 hours
PussssyDestroyer1364792 hours
JihyoPark1362095 hours
FLA1R1362303 hours
MarKazama1364149 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
HarLeylQuinn1363625 hours
Zarina1301436 hours
Wilhelmina1303249 hours
SpicedLatte1302165 hours
SUMMIT130486 hours
Asunaaaa1301466 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Elegance1395063 hours
HAMBOG1372738 hours
JhayShee1362197 hours
KaitoKidKuroba1361158 hours
Wh1teSw4n136717 hours
Supra1311817 hours

Tournament Page



- Schedule for Blades/Slayer/Knights/Templars, Jesters/Harlequins/Rangers/Crackshooters starts on Saturday September 15 8PM GMT+8 (immediately after low level siege)
- Schedule for Ringmasters/Seraphs/Billposters/Forcemasters, Psykeepers/Mentalist/Elementors/Arcanists starts on Sunday September 16 8PM GMT+8 (immediately after siege)
- If you are unsure about the timezone time. Check out Time Converter to see what time will the event be on your location. Add a city for example China Beijing(GMT/UTC+8) September 15 8PM and then add your city/location.
- Participants who are offline during the event will be disqualified. Short grace period will be given and toons who are both online will be prioritized first to duel.


(will be filled after the deadline)

Schedule : 9/15 8PM GMT/UTC+8

Schedule : 9/16 8PM GMT/UTC+8


(will be updated every 2-3 days)


  • lxaRsEnaLxl
  • CooLisao




  • TheWabbit
  • WangZu
  • XtianHuntzGrey


  • Mania
  • x69Karma


  • Hyrax
  • DavieBryzon
  • miggyrak


  • Blair
  • TheFox
  • SeoSoojin


  • Elegance
  • okinanam
  • Wh1teSw4n


  • HarLeylQuinn
  • Zarina
  • Wilhelmina