Level Reward
2 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
5 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
10 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
15 Box Icon.png Special Cloak Gift Bag! 7x
20 Box Icon.png Baby Chicken Pickup Pet
20 Box Icon.png Aero Board
25 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
30 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
35 Box Icon.png FUN Card
40 Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 3x
45 Box Icon.png Blue Balloons (2 Days)
50 Box Icon.png Upcut Stone 3x
55 Box Icon.png Restat
60 Box Icon.png Raizei's Guardian Chest of Phat Lewt 10x (contents tradable)
70 Box Icon.png Azria Ticket (15 Days)
75 Box Icon.png Full Shout (30 Days)
119 Box Icon.png Traseia Ticket (7 days)
125H Box Icon.png St. Patrick's Day Cloak (bound)
127H Box Icon.png Cloak of Bravery (bound)
129H Box Icon.png Dignity Fashion Set (bound)
130H Box Icon.png Re-Skill (bound)
135H Box Icon.png Scroll of Amplification ES(S) 6x
136H Box Icon.png Blessed Cloak of the Light (bound)
139H Box Icon.png Dragon Mask (bound)
All level up rewards are untradable except the contents of the level 60 box.
Job Name Level Playtime
BabySharks1393676 hours
LineBreaker1392586 hours
Rameniac1394050 hours
nyengthetanker1391052 hours
Ryleih1398792 hours
lDEFENDERl1392045 hours
kaltok1392938 hours
SheHulk1398587 hours
SayEverything139918 hours
msmhie1394823 hours
Aberforth139743 hours
PMsent1391669 hours
Zeeeee1392722 hours
phytongil1393624 hours
Enzou1391075 hours
Sabyr1391462 hours
Phosphorescent1391524 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
OutCare1131395808 hours
Prominent1392968 hours
DavieBryzon1394105 hours
Akoh1391345 hours
NataliaRomanova1397889 hours
LiezL1396471 hours
FaintLess1394224 hours
Furyx138477 hours
Baade136980 hours
CelestialGlaive136751 hours
LORDjam1363603 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Bacchus13910124 hours
Kingsize1396241 hours
Standard139845 hours
Faultless1373241 hours
XtianHuntzGrey1365955 hours
Myst1361280 hours
TheiKoz1362918 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Flawless1394538 hours
Chenkov1391820 hours
MrStark1392650 hours
LumpiangShanghai1391499 hours
Cheerful139730 hours
TheHawkeye1396368 hours
Buriza1393876 hours
lRen139891 hours
Mania1398859 hours
Ajax1394650 hours
iMerry1392887 hours
Otsukaresama1361491 hours
x69Karma1364338 hours
Coike136774 hours
Aliyah136665 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Wakeless1397432 hours
UMakeMeSmile1391664 hours
Elixir13910868 hours
FRISKY1393348 hours
DahyunKim1396464 hours
SerapHxMasK1392318 hours
CelesTe1393495 hours
maya0031393223 hours
Tirisito1362126 hours
mCk0oLitz136747 hours
Mink1362050 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Rinnegan13912753 hours
PussssyDestroyer1399638 hours
Alakazam1394870 hours
TheHulk1399132 hours
Lamon1393629 hours
FrostEyes1393276 hours
Ichiro13910359 hours
ChouSoran1396161 hours
TetsudoHisakawa1397557 hours
Finisher1395587 hours
IsaacNetero139345 hours
LaFlame1391747 hours
Kouichi1395168 hours
iLeeMinHo1391070 hours
PETICZ1391012 hours
Continental1392642 hours
Aldouh1391996 hours
SpoiledDaddy1392104 hours
JanWick1397547 hours
Selphie139199 hours
MarBKazama1396273 hours
Viona1392887 hours
BryKazama1396904 hours
DNNJN1391124 hours
Codeine1396837 hours
Jomic1399595 hours
HADES1395177 hours
B3l750413910807 hours
Tactless1373408 hours
GlenSchreiber1362778 hours
Sakazuki136869 hours
RespondeMo1361354 hours
MarKazama1365969 hours
SweetChocolates1363089 hours
JORELLE1365328 hours
PATrolmanChano1365661 hours
Magikarp136465 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
Wiccan1395802 hours
Arius1397458 hours
Wilhelmina1394693 hours
iChase016136288 hours
Effortless1362836 hours
Circa136715 hours
HarLeylQuinn1364344 hours
Zanna136971 hours
Skoosh136817 hours
Job Name Level Playtime
OutRage181392751 hours
Negan1398974 hours
Andromache1391193 hours
KaitoKidKuroba1393517 hours
SaintMary1393590 hours
Gilthunder1392862 hours
Maelstrom1395074 hours
HAMBOG1373999 hours
Harith1372877 hours
ARCANiSTx1361083 hours
Sleepless1363970 hours

Tournament Page



- Schedule for Blades/Slayer/Knights/Templars, Jesters/Harlequins/Rangers/Crackshooters starts on Saturday September 15 8PM GMT+8 (immediately after low level siege)
- Schedule for Ringmasters/Seraphs/Billposters/Forcemasters, Psykeepers/Mentalist/Elementors/Arcanists starts on Sunday September 16 8PM GMT+8 (immediately after siege)
- If you are unsure about the timezone time. Check out Time Converter to see what time will the event be on your location. Add a city for example China Beijing(GMT/UTC+8) September 15 8PM and then add your city/location.
- Participants who are offline during the event will be disqualified. Short grace period will be given and toons who are both online will be prioritized first to duel.


(will be filled after the deadline)

Schedule : 9/15 8PM GMT/UTC+8

Schedule : 9/16 8PM GMT/UTC+8


(will be updated every 2-3 days)


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  • x69Karma


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  • miggyrak


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  • Wilhelmina